[aaloa promoters] [Result] [Vote] Call for Vote on a project proposal: ZigBee 4 OSGI

Francesco Furfari francesco.furfari at isti.cnr.it
Tue Dec 21 20:08:48 CET 2010

  Dear All,

I think that in this Christmas period,  with two days in advance of the 
official closure of the voting (23/12), but with the exception of 
re-opening  it in case of new negative votes before Dec. 23,

we can announce that the vote has passed with 13 positive votes (+1) , 
no abstentions (0) , no votes against (-1)

The vote results are:

     +1 Sergio Guillen (*)
     +1 Saied Tazari (*)
     +1 Thomas Karopka (*)
     +1 Sten Hake (*)
     +1 Joe Gorman (*)
     +1 Luca Odetti
     +1 Jesus Bermejo
     +1 Cesar Iglesias
     +1 Dario Salvi
     +1 Stefano Lenzi
     +1 Antonio Kung (*)
     +1 Roberto Casas
     +1 Bruno Jean-Bart

(*) binding votes

We have time during this vacation to prepare the tools for the new project.

Kind Regards,

Il 16/12/2010 14.58, Francesco Furfari ha scritto:
>  Dear Governing Board of AALOA, and Promoters,
> I would like to submit to your attention the attached project proposal 
> concerning the ZigBee networks integration with the OSGi platform.
> I ask you to consider it for becoming an AALOA Project and to allocate 
> the needed resources for its software development.
> As promoter of this proposal and member of the Governing Board I will 
> abstain from voting on this issue.
> I remember to the promoters that even if  they haven't a binding 
> vote,  their comments are very welcome.
> Kind regards,
> Francesco.
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