[aaloa promoters] Nominating the temporary governing board

Hanke Sten Sten.Hanke at ait.ac.at
Mon Nov 15 11:08:01 CET 2010

Hi all,

Sorry for the late response but I would like to volunteer for the governing board of AALOA representing the Austria's biggest non-profit research center Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH -AIT.

Kind regards,
Sten Hanke

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Biomedical Systems

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Betreff: Re: [aaloa promoters] Nominating the temporary governing board

Good morning,

waiting for other people to express their opinion,  let me do two examples on the activities of such exec committee.
 - project proposals:
the committee should approve project proposals. CNR, Fh-IGD, Itaca-UPVand Sintef  will provide the needed resources, but we need the opinion of a larger committee. So even individuals can participate, in this case  the only resource they will spend is their time to evaluate the proposal (e.g one page abstract)

- agreement with other organizations:
Few days ago thanks to Reiner we have received the Support of Ami'10 organization (http://www.ami-10.org/) (we are linked) . Any contact and agreement with other organizations should be discussed and proposed to members of such committee.
We have many contacts in view e.g. Open URC, OHT, Continua, EFMI  and so on.

Last I would like to present the committee to the AAL Forum next week. (15/9)

Summarizing we are:
Saied + Reiner (Fh-IGD)
Joe + Bruno (Sintef)
Antonio + Bruno (Trialog)

What about the others?
Sergio, Juan  Pablo, Francois, Marco, Sten,Thomas, Gunnar, ...  ?  the roll call is long :-)  and I know some  people is travelling to Odense.


Mohammad-Reza Tazari wrote:
I think that the supporters and promoters mailing lists along with the temporary governing board provide us altogether even with three level of commitment for the incubation phase, which I find fine. In this phase, a coherent set of by-laws and governing rules must be defined according to which the legal entity to be established will work. How it will be in those by-laws, is IMO still under discussion.


-- Saied

Francesco Furfari wrote on 10-Sep-10 09:21:

  Thank you François.

As in the Manifesto we suggest to organize the association with two
boards, I would clarify soon one aspect of this phase.

IMO any organization we decide now, it is only to steer this community
towards the incorporation of an association according the legal
framework of some European state. In the end the bodies foreseen for the
real association could be very different.

That said, I agree with François, we need two level of commitments. But
I think we already have the first council or college, it is the
promoters list (more or less 25 people). The people who decided to join
this list is motivated to discuss of the organization of AALOA, but
because it will be often tedious and only sometimes exciting, I don't
expect to receive a contribute every time from all those we are. But a
minimal level of cohesion already exists, that's this mailing list was
created right to differentiate this group from the supporters group.
Nevertheless always volunteers we are.

Now because the option of François (that's co-optation of two bodies) is
an alternative, I would like to know what do you think.

1) Do you see a vantage in nominating a council of volunteers and and
executive committee ? e.g. a smaller group of people ..

2) Can we consider the promoters list the council and proceed only with
the nomination of the executive committee?


Il 07/09/2010 14.49, Francois Letellier ha scritto:

Dear all,

surely we don't want to "overengineer" the governance of the curently
incepted AALOA.

Still I sugest a very lightweight organization with two organs:
- a council (or call it college, or advisory board...) of people who
volunteer to help in discussing matters but cannot necessarily
dedicate manpower or resources - nor make commitments in this respect.
This council might be composed of coopted volunteers (any number per
organization, since the role of the council would only to discuss a
wide range of topics). Cooptation makes sense to keep the group open,
while still keeping some level of cohesion.
- a more operational organ (call it an executive committee ?) composed
of people whose participation in AALOA might fit in their job
description, who might have to report on its progress and,
consequently, might be able to dedicate a "predicatable" fraction of
their time (%FTE) to the association. Typically, this second body
should not count more than one representative per organization,
keeping in mind that the mecanism of proxies can always be used.

In any event, at this point, a consensus based decision process is to
be prefered. Formal votes should only be used in the second organ
(exec committee) only when no consensus can be reached.

My 2 cents

On Tue, Sep 7, 2010 at 11:39 AM, Francesco Furfari
<francesco.furfari at isti.cnr.it<mailto:francesco.furfari at isti.cnr.it> <mailto:francesco.furfari at isti.cnr.it><mailto:francesco.furfari at isti.cnr.it>>

    sure volunteers.

    Let me also add that sometime the lazy consensus used by Apache
    community works very fine.
    When a new member is invited to join to a software project, at
    least 3 favourable votes should be collect to accept the new member.
    It helps the board by avoiding a boring counting of the people. Of
    course if there is one negative vote it works as a veto. So people
    start to discuss until a consensus is reached, that's veto is
    This rule cannot be used for example for modification of a
    by-laws, but it works as facilitate asynchronous communication.
    I would avoid to use one more doodle poll every time we need to
    take a decision that should be fast ... especially now that we are

    In Apache there is a distinction among binding votes and non
    binding votes. In this case people of the board have binding
    votes, but non-binding votes are important as well, they represent
    the community involved in the project activities. They are however
    taken into account, and opinion expressed by a of non-binding vote
    is always commented and discussed.

    With respect the shaping of AALOA, I think we will discuss all the
    issues related to statute, by-laws organization in working groups
    here with the promoters mailing list, and any final decision will
    be communicated to the supporters list for getting their comments.
    The governing board for the moment has very few things to decide
    :-) so it is only an official way to represent AALOA to the
    external world and to allocate resources to people who want open a
    project within AALOA community.

    Said that, I agree to have one person for organization and CNR in
    this case does not request an exception (thanks Saied)

    So please volunteers wanted :-)


    Il 07/09/2010 8.19, Joe Gorman ha scritto:

        I had been just about to write a message saying that I think
        we should have just one representative from any one
        organisation (otherwise it can look unfair, especially for
        anything needing a vote). I had also been going to say that
        each official representative should have a recognised
        "deputy", to attend meetings etc. when the main representative
        is unavailable. But I don't need to say that now, as Saied
        already suggested it!

        The only other thing I would add is that the governing board
        should be made up only of "volunteers". So: the fact that an
        organisation is listed as a promoter should not mean that we
        automatically insist on that organisation being represented on
        the board. They would be allowed, but not required. So we
        should ask for people who actively volunteer for this role
        e.g. by responding to a request from you, Francesco.

        For SINTEF, I volunteer to be the representative, with Marius
        as my alternate.

        . Joe

        On 6/09/2010 14:15 , "Mohammad-Reza
        Tazari"<saied.tazari at igd.fraunhofer.de<mailto:saied.tazari at igd.fraunhofer.de>
        <mailto:saied.tazari at igd.fraunhofer.de><mailto:saied.tazari at igd.fraunhofer.de>> wrote:

        Oh, sorry Francesco, my mistake (to have forgotten the initial
        now attached)! This is why I simply referred to the web site...

        Looking at the member list in the attached email + Ricardo
        Serafin @ TSB
        + Juan Carlos Naranjo Martinez& Laura Belenguer Querol @ ITACA
        + Marco
        Eichelberg @ OFFIS, there are 27 people from 13 orgs.

        I would suggest to have only one representative from each
        MAYBE just with exception for CNR-ISTI, in order to have a
        size that
        reaches more easily a majority (assuming 2/3) when meeting and
        are organized. This way, the upper-limit for the size of the
        board will
        be 14, depending on if all orgs do want to be present in the
        board. The
        following numbers should help to have an imagination of what
        it means
        for our meetings and telcos:

        size min. # of members necessary for meetings
        ---- ----------------------------------------
        10 7
        11-12 8
        13 9
        14 10

        But, I suggest that each official board member from each org can
        nominate just a second person as possible proxy to increase
        the chance
        that all orgs are presented when meetings and telcos are


        -- Saied

        Francesco Furfari wrote on 06-Sep-10 13:14:

            Dear Said,

            yes, but personally I would not limit the size of
            governing board, being
            temporary, to 10 people.
            The four organizations cited in the website are willing to
            spend some
            resources for incubating AALOA, but we haven't to limit the
            participation to them.

            In general in this mailing list we have individuals that
            don't represent
            formally organizations, I'm thinking to Francois Letellier
            or to Thomas
            Karopka to name a few. But I think their point of views
            can enrich the
            governing board to take the right decisions.

            Furthermore, I think that people belonging to the
            governing board will
            have binding vote, but I would get the opinion of all the


            Il 06/09/2010 11.35, Mohammad-Reza Tazari ha scritto:

                Hi everybody,

                from Fh-IGD, Reiner& me would like to join the
                temporary governing

                Just to make sure: taking the list under
                http://www.aaloa.org/team/role_of_promoters (CNR-ISTI,
                Fh-IGD, ITACA,
                and SINTEF) and the newest announcement that Marco
                Eichelberg from
                OFFIS has also joined this list (welcome on board,
                Marco!), with the
                suggestion by Francesco, there will be at most 10
                people as members of
                the temporary governing board. Is that right?


                -- Saied

                Francesco Furfari wrote on 06-Sep-10 09:42:

                    Hello to everybody,

                    an important issue we discussed in Lisbon was
                    about the appointment of a
                    temporary governing board.
                    I hope all of you are now returned and relaxed
                    from their summer
                    vacation to proceed with the board nomination.
                    I would like to report in the slides presenting
                    AALOA initiative at AAL
                    Forum the names of the people composing the
                    temporary governing board.

                    I have not got a specific procedure in mind. Maybe
                    we could consider to
                    include not more than 2 people from the same
                    Then we should only propose our candidature.

                    WDYT? any other hint?

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