[aaloa promoters] Annoucing AALOA to the press during the Passau Event Nov 16th

Antonio kung antonio.kung at trialog.com
Mon Nov 8 19:11:43 CET 2010

Dear all,

Next week we will have one of the big days : announcing AALOA to the press.

Here is a list of actions that are pending:

    * Francesco to provide a text. Note that Gunnar Fagerberg will
      provide a quote for inclusion (something like /MonAMI supports the
      AALOA initiative and we are delighted that this workshop is the
      event where AALOA is announced/)
    * At least 3 translations in French (Trialog), Italian (CNR) and
      German (Rainer/Saied)
    * Contacting the press. France (Trialog), Italy (CNR), Germany
      (Fraunhofer), Sweden (SIAT) will announce the event to Journalists
      and inform them that a facebook videostream will be available
    * Gerald, can you provide the details on the facebook videostream
    * Press release to be make public on AALOA, UniversAAL, MonAMI
      websites on tuesday afternoon
    * A joint statement to be provided concerning AALOA/OpenURC (see
      e-mail that follows)




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