[aaloa promoters] Nominating the temporary governing board

Cesar Iglesias ciglesias at dbtlex.com
Mon Sep 6 14:37:19 CEST 2010

Dear all,
I hope you have had a very nice summer.
Just a quick note to remind you that I am available to provide support to the governing board on any legal or organizational issues.
This support would be personal as the policy of my firm does not provide for participation in this kind of bodies.
Kind regards.

César Iglesias
Díaz-Bastien & Truan
ciglesias at dbtlex.com
Torre Picasso, Planta 35
28020 Madrid.
Telf. + 34 915773660
Fax. + 34 915755468

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De: promoters-bounces at aaloa.org [mailto:promoters-bounces at aaloa.org] En nombre de Mohammad-Reza Tazari
Enviado el: lunes, 06 de septiembre de 2010 14:16
Para: Francesco Furfari
CC: promoters at aaloa.org
Asunto: Re: [aaloa promoters] Nominating the temporary governing board

Oh, sorry Francesco, my mistake (to have forgotten the initial email, now attached)! This is why I simply referred to the web site...

Looking at the member list in the attached email + Ricardo Serafin @ TSB
+ Juan Carlos Naranjo Martinez & Laura Belenguer Querol @ ITACA + Marco
Eichelberg @ OFFIS, there are 27 people from 13 orgs.

I would suggest to have only one representative from each organization, MAYBE just with exception for CNR-ISTI, in order to have a size that reaches more easily a majority (assuming 2/3) when meeting and telcos are organized. This way, the upper-limit for the size of the board will be 14, depending on if all orgs do want to be present in the board. The following numbers should help to have an imagination of what it means for our meetings and telcos:

   size        min. # of members necessary for meetings
   ----        ----------------------------------------
    10                          7
    11-12                       8
    13                          9
    14                          10

But, I suggest that each official board member from each org can nominate just a second person as possible proxy to increase the chance that all orgs are presented when meetings and telcos are organized.


-- Saied

Francesco Furfari wrote on 06-Sep-10 13:14:
> Dear Said,
> yes, but personally I would not limit the size of governing board,
> being temporary, to 10 people.
> The four organizations cited in the website are willing to spend some
> resources for incubating AALOA, but we haven't to limit the
> participation to them.
> In general in this mailing list we have individuals that don't
> represent formally organizations, I'm thinking to Francois Letellier
> or to Thomas Karopka to name a few. But I think their point of views
> can enrich the governing board to take the right decisions.
> Furthermore, I think that people belonging to the governing board will
> have binding vote, but I would get the opinion of all the AALOA
> subscribers.
> francesco
> Il 06/09/2010 11.35, Mohammad-Reza Tazari ha scritto:
>> Hi everybody,
>> from Fh-IGD, Reiner & me would like to join the temporary governing
>> board.
>> Just to make sure: taking the list under
>> http://www.aaloa.org/team/role_of_promoters (CNR-ISTI, Fh-IGD, ITACA,
>> and SINTEF) and the newest announcement that Marco Eichelberg from
>> OFFIS has also joined this list (welcome on board, Marco!), with the
>> suggestion by Francesco, there will be at most 10 people as members
>> of the temporary governing board. Is that right?
>> Regards,
>> -- Saied
>> Francesco Furfari wrote on 06-Sep-10 09:42:
>>> Hello to everybody,
>>> an important issue we discussed in Lisbon was about the appointment
>>> of a temporary governing board.
>>> I hope all of you are now returned and relaxed from their summer
>>> vacation to proceed with the board nomination.
>>> I would like to report in the slides presenting AALOA initiative at
>>> AAL Forum the names of the people composing the temporary governing board.
>>> I have not got a specific procedure in mind. Maybe we could consider
>>> to include not more than 2 people from the same organization.
>>> Then we should only propose our candidature.
>>> WDYT? any other hint?
>>> francesco
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