AAL Open Association - AALOA

What is AALOA?

The AAL Open Association is promoted by the partners of the European Integrated Projects PERSONA and universAAL and the discussion about its organization is currently coordinated by CNR-ISTI (Italy),Fraunhofer-IGD (Germany), ITACA-UPV (Spain), and SINTEF (Norway).


The AALOA Manifesto defines the rationale and the purposes of the association. Today, the Manifesto is a dissemination effort of the EU projects MonAmI, OASIS, OsAmI-commons, PERSONA, SOPRANO, universAAL and WASP.

If you are interested in knowing what has been going on in AALOA, you can download our last Activity Report here.


What can YOU do for AALOA? - Subscribe the Manifesto!

You can subscribe the Manifesto just joining to one of the two groups of people: promoters and supporters.

  • Promoters are people interested to discuss of the organizational aspects of the association: the definition of a the statute and the initial board of directors, funding possibilities, liaisons with other organizations, definition of working groups and how they can cooperate.
  • Supporters are people more focused on the scientific and technological challenges posed by AAL, they have different expertise and interest in specific research topics. All together they offer a good coverage of the multidisciplinary requirements needed for the development of AAL solutions.

You can choose to subscribe the Manifesto both as a promoter and as a supporter. You will follow the discussions of these groups on the public mailing lists.

Subscribing the Manifesto is easy: choose to join one or both the mailing lists, depending on your business!

We invite everyone to subscribe the Manifesto and to participate in the activities of the association, bringing fresh ideas, proposing workshops and projects, and contributing actively to the growth of the association.


What can AALOA do for YOU? - Host a project!


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