[aaloa promoters] Promoters Digest, Vol 3, Issue 7

Marco Eichelberg eichelberg at offis.de
Mon Sep 13 10:23:13 CEST 2010

Dear collegues,

> - *agreement with other organizations*:
> Few days ago thanks to Reiner we have received the Support of Ami'10
> organization (http://www.ami-10.org/) (we are linked) . Any contact and
> agreement with other organizations should be discussed and proposed to
> members of such committee.
> We have many contacts in view e.g. Open URC, OHT, Continua, EFMI  and so on.

I fully agree that it will be important for AALOA to liaise with
other gremia, projects and groups that are relevant for the AAL sector.
Here it will be difficult to define a "one size fits all" solution,
but it would be important to discuss what such a "link" means and what
different types of liaisons AALOA should offer.

> Summarizing we are:
> Saied + Reiner (Fh-IGD)
> Joe + Bruno (Sintef)
> Antonio + Bruno (Trialog)
> What about the others?
> Sergio, Juan  Pablo, Francois, Marco, Sten,Thomas, Gunnar, ...  ?  the
> roll call is long :-)  and I know some  people is travelling to Odense.

I won't be present in Odense since there a German conference at the
same time where I have a presentation on AAL. Jochen Meyer, a collegue
of mine from OFFIS will participate in Odense.
That said, I don't think that OFFIS is in a position at the moment
to fill a chair on the AALOA board. For now we'd be happy to contribute
to the discussion on AALOA's structure and work programme.

With best regards,
Dr. Marco Eichelberg

Dr. Marco Eichelberg
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