[aaloa promoters] Nominating the temporary governing board

Mohammad-Reza Tazari saied.tazari at igd.fraunhofer.de
Fri Sep 10 10:18:44 CEST 2010

I think that the supporters and promoters mailing lists along with the 
temporary governing board provide us altogether even with three level of 
commitment for the incubation phase, which I find fine. In this phase, a 
coherent set of by-laws and governing rules must be defined according to 
which the legal entity to be established will work. How it will be in 
those by-laws, is IMO still under discussion.


-- Saied

Francesco Furfari wrote on 10-Sep-10 09:21:
>   Thank you François.
> As in the Manifesto we suggest to organize the association with two
> boards, I would clarify soon one aspect of this phase.
> IMO any organization we decide now, it is only to steer this community
> towards the incorporation of an association according the legal
> framework of some European state. In the end the bodies foreseen for the
> real association could be very different.
> That said, I agree with François, we need two level of commitments. But
> I think we already have the first council or college, it is the
> promoters list (more or less 25 people). The people who decided to join
> this list is motivated to discuss of the organization of AALOA, but
> because it will be often tedious and only sometimes exciting, I don't
> expect to receive a contribute every time from all those we are. But a
> minimal level of cohesion already exists, that's this mailing list was
> created right to differentiate this group from the supporters group.
> Nevertheless always volunteers we are.
> Now because the option of François (that's co-optation of two bodies) is
> an alternative, I would like to know what do you think.
> 1) Do you see a vantage in nominating a council of volunteers and and
> executive committee ? e.g. a smaller group of people ..
> 2) Can we consider the promoters list the council and proceed only with
> the nomination of the executive committee?
> Francesco
> Il 07/09/2010 14.49, Francois Letellier ha scritto:
>> Dear all,
>> surely we don't want to "overengineer" the governance of the curently
>> incepted AALOA.
>> Still I sugest a very lightweight organization with two organs:
>> - a council (or call it college, or advisory board...) of people who
>> volunteer to help in discussing matters but cannot necessarily
>> dedicate manpower or resources - nor make commitments in this respect.
>> This council might be composed of coopted volunteers (any number per
>> organization, since the role of the council would only to discuss a
>> wide range of topics). Cooptation makes sense to keep the group open,
>> while still keeping some level of cohesion.
>> - a more operational organ (call it an executive committee ?) composed
>> of people whose participation in AALOA might fit in their job
>> description, who might have to report on its progress and,
>> consequently, might be able to dedicate a "predicatable" fraction of
>> their time (%FTE) to the association. Typically, this second body
>> should not count more than one representative per organization,
>> keeping in mind that the mecanism of proxies can always be used.
>> In any event, at this point, a consensus based decision process is to
>> be prefered. Formal votes should only be used in the second organ
>> (exec committee) only when no consensus can be reached.
>> My 2 cents
>> On Tue, Sep 7, 2010 at 11:39 AM, Francesco Furfari
>> <francesco.furfari at isti.cnr.it <mailto:francesco.furfari at isti.cnr.it>>
>> wrote:
>>     sure volunteers.
>>     Let me also add that sometime the lazy consensus used by Apache
>>     community works very fine.
>>     When a new member is invited to join to a software project, at
>>     least 3 favourable votes should be collect to accept the new member.
>>     It helps the board by avoiding a boring counting of the people. Of
>>     course if there is one negative vote it works as a veto. So people
>>     start to discuss until a consensus is reached, that's veto is
>>     cancelled.
>>     This rule cannot be used for example for modification of a
>>     by-laws, but it works as facilitate asynchronous communication.
>>     I would avoid to use one more doodle poll every time we need to
>>     take a decision that should be fast ... especially now that we are
>>     growing.
>>     In Apache there is a distinction among binding votes and non
>>     binding votes. In this case people of the board have binding
>>     votes, but non-binding votes are important as well, they represent
>>     the community involved in the project activities. They are however
>>     taken into account, and opinion expressed by a of non-binding vote
>>     is always commented and discussed.
>>     With respect the shaping of AALOA, I think we will discuss all the
>>     issues related to statute, by-laws organization in working groups
>>     here with the promoters mailing list, and any final decision will
>>     be communicated to the supporters list for getting their comments.
>>     The governing board for the moment has very few things to decide
>>     :-) so it is only an official way to represent AALOA to the
>>     external world and to allocate resources to people who want open a
>>     project within AALOA community.
>>     Said that, I agree to have one person for organization and CNR in
>>     this case does not request an exception (thanks Saied)
>>     So please volunteers wanted :-)
>>     francesco
>>     Il 07/09/2010 8.19, Joe Gorman ha scritto:
>>         I had been just about to write a message saying that I think
>>         we should have just one representative from any one
>>         organisation (otherwise it can look unfair, especially for
>>         anything needing a vote). I had also been going to say that
>>         each official representative should have a recognised
>>         "deputy", to attend meetings etc. when the main representative
>>         is unavailable. But I don't need to say that now, as Saied
>>         already suggested it!
>>         The only other thing I would add is that the governing board
>>         should be made up only of "volunteers". So: the fact that an
>>         organisation is listed as a promoter should not mean that we
>>         automatically insist on that organisation being represented on
>>         the board. They would be allowed, but not required. So we
>>         should ask for people who actively volunteer for this role
>>         e.g. by responding to a request from you, Francesco.
>>         For SINTEF, I volunteer to be the representative, with Marius
>>         as my alternate.
>>         . Joe
>>         On 6/09/2010 14:15 , "Mohammad-Reza
>>         Tazari"<saied.tazari at igd.fraunhofer.de
>>         <mailto:saied.tazari at igd.fraunhofer.de>> wrote:
>>         Oh, sorry Francesco, my mistake (to have forgotten the initial
>>         email,
>>         now attached)! This is why I simply referred to the web site...
>>         Looking at the member list in the attached email + Ricardo
>>         Serafin @ TSB
>>         + Juan Carlos Naranjo Martinez& Laura Belenguer Querol @ ITACA
>>         + Marco
>>         Eichelberg @ OFFIS, there are 27 people from 13 orgs.
>>         I would suggest to have only one representative from each
>>         organization,
>>         MAYBE just with exception for CNR-ISTI, in order to have a
>>         size that
>>         reaches more easily a majority (assuming 2/3) when meeting and
>>         telcos
>>         are organized. This way, the upper-limit for the size of the
>>         board will
>>         be 14, depending on if all orgs do want to be present in the
>>         board. The
>>         following numbers should help to have an imagination of what
>>         it means
>>         for our meetings and telcos:
>>         size min. # of members necessary for meetings
>>         ---- ----------------------------------------
>>         10 7
>>         11-12 8
>>         13 9
>>         14 10
>>         But, I suggest that each official board member from each org can
>>         nominate just a second person as possible proxy to increase
>>         the chance
>>         that all orgs are presented when meetings and telcos are
>>         organized.
>>         Regards,
>>         -- Saied
>>         Francesco Furfari wrote on 06-Sep-10 13:14:
>>             Dear Said,
>>             yes, but personally I would not limit the size of
>>             governing board, being
>>             temporary, to 10 people.
>>             The four organizations cited in the website are willing to
>>             spend some
>>             resources for incubating AALOA, but we haven't to limit the
>>             participation to them.
>>             In general in this mailing list we have individuals that
>>             don't represent
>>             formally organizations, I'm thinking to Francois Letellier
>>             or to Thomas
>>             Karopka to name a few. But I think their point of views
>>             can enrich the
>>             governing board to take the right decisions.
>>             Furthermore, I think that people belonging to the
>>             governing board will
>>             have binding vote, but I would get the opinion of all the
>>             AALOA
>>             subscribers.
>>             francesco
>>             Il 06/09/2010 11.35, Mohammad-Reza Tazari ha scritto:
>>                 Hi everybody,
>>                 from Fh-IGD, Reiner& me would like to join the
>>                 temporary governing
>>                 board.
>>                 Just to make sure: taking the list under
>>                 http://www.aaloa.org/team/role_of_promoters (CNR-ISTI,
>>                 Fh-IGD, ITACA,
>>                 and SINTEF) and the newest announcement that Marco
>>                 Eichelberg from
>>                 OFFIS has also joined this list (welcome on board,
>>                 Marco!), with the
>>                 suggestion by Francesco, there will be at most 10
>>                 people as members of
>>                 the temporary governing board. Is that right?
>>                 Regards,
>>                 -- Saied
>>                 Francesco Furfari wrote on 06-Sep-10 09:42:
>>                     Hello to everybody,
>>                     an important issue we discussed in Lisbon was
>>                     about the appointment of a
>>                     temporary governing board.
>>                     I hope all of you are now returned and relaxed
>>                     from their summer
>>                     vacation to proceed with the board nomination.
>>                     I would like to report in the slides presenting
>>                     AALOA initiative at AAL
>>                     Forum the names of the people composing the
>>                     temporary governing board.
>>                     I have not got a specific procedure in mind. Maybe
>>                     we could consider to
>>                     include not more than 2 people from the same
>>                     organization.
>>                     Then we should only propose our candidature.
>>                     WDYT? any other hint?
>>                     francesco
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